Keep reading to find out what the 16 most important facts are about the famous South Beach.

  1. Language Speaking Spanish isn’t required but it’s helpful. If you don’t know English well, but are fluent in Spanish, then you’ll be fine at most places.
  2. Airport Transport Take the 150 bus from MIA Airport into SoBe. They’re incredibly helpful at the airport with directing you where you want to go, it takes almost as long to drive, and it’s $2.25 (as of March 2018) versus $20-$40 via taxi or Uber. Some hotels offer a free (plus tip) shuttle as well.
  3. Food Almost every restaurant is expensive in South Beach– particularly those closer to Ocean Drive. Even the fast-casual restaurants that are considered ‘$’ on yelp are more like ‘$$’ back home. You might be able to find cheaper places but then you’ll spend that money getting there instead.
  4. Tipping Expect service charges on everything. Check for it on receipts even at places that seem like they’re fast food. Ask your server/bartender if you’re not sure; you never want to stiff your server.
  5. Souvenirs Surf Style isn’t a bad place for souvenirs, but they’re not all priced the same. Some have better sales than others so visit a couple before buying anything.
  6. Where to Stay If you’re planning on going out for more than one night, stay in South Beach east of Washington. Staying within walking distance to the clubs makes it so much easier (and safer). Splurging on a fancier hotel up north isn’t worth it either unless you’re spending most of your waking hours inside (but why?!).
  7. Drinking Alcohol is not available for purchase 24/7, so if you’re planning on pre-gaming, get your alcohol from the liquor store earlier in the day. Hours depend on where you’re at in Miami Beach (stores up north sell them later).
  8. Eye Candy A lot of those good looking guys are gay, and some of those good looking women may be trans. Another reason not to drink too much.
  9. Get Wet Don’t sit too close to the water on the beach. Even when it seems low-tide, high waves come out of nowhere.
  10. BYOB Be prepared to have your bags checked for alcohol when going through certain beach entrances. In my honest opinion, deep water, heat and alcohol doesn’t go well together to begin with.
  11. The Sun Wear sunscreen. This should be a no-brainer but the sun is strong there and you can get a tan (or burn) very quickly.
  12. Enjoy the Vintage Cars from the Sidewalk Driving in SoBe isn’t awful once you’re actually there, however, finding parking is still difficult unless you do valet everywhere. Do yourself a favor and just walk.
  13. Nightlife The crowds in the clubs get considerably younger, drunker and higher the later you’re out. (In other words, more annoying.)
  14. Wake Up in the AM If you want a nice breakfast outside on Ocean Drive without having to be on a waitlist, wake up early.
  15. Public Indecency Families enjoy South Beach too. There are kids around most places during the day and early night so show some class. Not to mention there are cops everywhere.
  16. Party Everyday Don’t wait until the weekend to visit. There’s plenty of crowds and things to do every day of the week.

Do you have any budget tips on visiting South Beach or any other areas around Florida? Leave a comment below!

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Happy travels!


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